Tiger Moth – A Taste Of The Tiger

A perfect introduction to the Vintage Airways Tiger Moth. Just enough time to check out Yering, Coldstream and Yarra Glen from the sky, before returning to earth to plan your next Tiger Moth adventure.

Flight Length: 10 minutes

Flight Price: $110


Tiger Moth – Yarra Valley Highlights

Departing from Lilydale Airport, this taster flight will treat you to amazing views over Yarra Glen, Healesville, The Yarra River, and Sugarloaf Reservoir.

Flight Length: 20 minutes

Flight Price: $210


CAC CA-25 Winjeel – Adventure Flight

The Winjeel, an aboriginal word meaning “young eagle” was designed and constructed locally by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation in the mid 1950′s and was used by the Royal Australian Air Force as a basic trainer and later as a Forward Air Control aircraft.   The big advantage of the Winjeel is that it has 3 passenger seats, allowing you to share your memorable experience with your friends and family!

Please note that weight limits do apply for this aircraft.

Flight Length: 20 minutes

Flight Price: $210 per person


Tiger Moth – Yarra Valley Tour

Expanding on the Yarra Valley Highlights tour, this flight also takes in Steeles Hill, Warburton, Silvan and Mount Dandenong.

Flight Length: 30 minutes

Flight Price: $310


CAC CA-25 Winjeel – Adventure Flight

Our 30 minute Winjeel adventure flight allows you to enjoy additional sights such as the beautiful Mt Dandenong, Silvan & Cardinia reservoirs as well as the Melbourne CBD on the horizon.

Flight Length: 30 minutes

Flight Price: $310 per person


Tiger Moth – Flying Lesson

Fancy yourself as a real-life Tiger Moth pilot? Vintage Airways gives you the unique opportunity to take the controls yourself, in our thirty minute introductory lesson.

Flight Length: 30 minutes

Flight Price: $320


Tiger Moth – The Barnstormer

Feeling a little more adventurous? Enjoy ‘gentleman’s aerobatics’ – incorporating basic loops and rolls. Experience the ancient barnstormer art of attempting to cut an unfurling roll of toilet paper with the wing of the plane!

Flight Length: 30 minutes

Flight Price: $370


Boeing Stearman – Yarra Valley Scenic Flight

Why not try out our newest addition to the fleet, the legendary Boeing PT-17 Stearman.  But this is not just any ordinary Stearman, this particular plane has been modified with the Pratt & Whitney R-985 Radial engine producing 450hp, more than twice the power of the original standard Boeing Stearmans!  The “Super Stearman” truly represents the first hot rod of the skies!

Flight Length: 20 minutes

Flight Price: $399


Boeing Stearman – Yarra Valley

If 20 minutes isn’t enough, why not opt for a 30 minute flight.  All the more time to savor the unique smells and sounds of the Boeing Stearman while enjoying the views of the beautiful Yarra Valley vineyards!

Flight Length: 30 minutes

Flight Price: $499


CAC CA-25 Winjeel Aerobatic Adventure Flight

This one is for the more adventurous!  In this 20 minute flight we will explore the aerobatic capabilities of the Winjeel and pull up to 4g’s while doing so.  If you are brave enough you will get to experience manoeuvres such as wing overs, loops, & barrel rolls!

Please note that due to aircraft limitations, only 1 passenger is allowed for this flight.

Flight Length: 20 minutes

Flight Price: $499


Tiger Moth – Melbourne City and Bayside Suburbs

See Melbourne from an entirely different perspective! Departing from Lilydale Airport, you will enjoy breathtaking views over Brighton, Albert Park, St Kilda, Melbourne CBD, and Williamstown.

Flight Length: 60 minutes

Flight Price: $530


Choose Your Own Adventure

Looking for something a bit different? We can customise a flight package to suit you in any of our aeroplanes. For a tailor made experience, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Flight Length: 300 minutes

Flight Price: $800